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COVID-19 Tumuaki update Tuesday 9 November

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Ata mārie kia a koutou

Senior Students

Congratulations to our senior students on the fantastic way you have worked on your NCEA qualifications in such challenging times!  Our results are looking very positive and all students that have been engaging with their teachers this term will know what they need to complete in order to achieve their NCEA goals from here.  

Senior students will finish formal learning this Friday 12 November and go on to study leave for those sitting their external examinations.  

After this Friday senior students will only be able to be onsite if they have made a specific appointment with a teacher for an additional learning session, or, for their exams from the 22nd of November. 

We will be sending out an Academic transcript to all senior students next week including their ‘Unexpected Event Grades’ for their external exams so they will know what grade they will receive should they decide not to sit their external exams in person.

External exam information

A reminder that if your child has an ‘Unexpected Event Grade’ shown on their transcript this is the grade they will get if they choose not to sit the formal exam.  Alternatively, if they choose to sit the exam then they will get the higher grade of either their UEG or their exam result.

The StudyIt forums are open and can support students in preparing for end-of-year exams in NCEA Levels 1-3 English, maths or science.

Visit the StudyIt website

The online learning platform has moderated forums for students to discuss NCEA achievement standards with other students and facilitators. General study and exam advice, including tips on how to study smart, are also available.

NCEA Exam reminders:

For students who are coming to the exams:

  • Morning exams 9.30 am - 12.30 pm (please be ready outside the Hall at 9 am, physically distanced (2m) from one another)
  • Afternoon exams 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm (please be ready outside the Hall at 1.30 pm, physically distanced (2m) from one another)
  • All equipment is to be bought in a clear plastic bag.
  • You can bring your own water bottle.
  • If you are sick or unwell you must stay at home. The UEG will be used.
  • Masks are not required but are strongly recommended.

Exam timetables:

Individual student exam entry slips can be collected from the reception prior to a student's first exam.

You should come to the front office at 9 am / 1.30 pm and collect your entry slip, and then make your way around to the courtyard outside the Hall via the normal student entrance gates.

If you want to see which exams you have before then you will need to access your NZQA login page.  Select the ‘My admission slip’ in the left-hand menu.   

Login Page Pic

Co-curricular and Senior Prizegiving – Friday 10am

I know that our students and parents share our disappointment that we can’t run our senior prizegiving in the usual way this year.  On Friday morning we will be holding this prizegiving at school via Google Meet for our students.  For privacy reasons we are unable to livestream it to our wider community but a recording of it will be made available to parents and students via the portal.  

Senior Students attending school on Friday should go to their Mentor class at 9.30 am.  If they have a school device they must bring that and their charger in to school on that day.  

If students are sitting externals they will need to sign an additional form indicating the date of their last exam and that they will hand in their device and charger to the office on that day. 

Junior Students

The next announcement regarding junior students potentially returning to school will be made on Wednesday.  It is very hard to anticipate what might be announced, so at this stage we will continue with the usual distance learning timetable from Monday 15 November for our junior students, until at least 17 of November while we have senior students onsite.

Once we get any information from the Ministry of Education we will make the call on how best to return our juniors to school.  Please note that our intention at the moment is to run a ‘normal’ school day with 3 x 90 sessions for when our juniors return but to minimise numbers we will only have Year 9s or Year 10s on site and not both at the same time so it will be a mix of onsite and distance learning.  As always we will be prioritising the health and safety, as well as the wellbeing of all members of our community in making these decisions.

Kia pai te rā


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