Student Exchange to Japan

In the July holidays Jasmine Nummak and Sini Pao-Salu went on the Edgewater College annual exchange to Meikei High School in Japan.  Sini wrote the following:

Two weeks goes by so fast however a lot of unforgettable memories were made. Staying with a homestay, Jasmine and I experienced how different it is living in a Japanese family. Our homestays were the BEST!

We also got to experience what schooling in Japan felt like. Adjusting to Meikei High School  was hard but it only took a day for us to get used to the school due to the friendly students who would make sure we weren’t lost and help us with the daily routines. One of the main differences was that they had school on a Saturday!! Not only that but after school each day they have clubs that each student chooses to join. For instance, Drama Club, Radio Club, Music or Band Club and also a lot of Sports Clubs. These clubs run for at least two hours after school each day. Jasmine and I joined and visited a lot of clubs. It was a lot of fun. Along with that, each class is assigned to do school cleaning for one whole week before going off to their club activities. It was fun to join in and see the Meikei students work together and clean up the classroom.

Meikei High School had also arranged a whole day where we took a train to Tokyo to visit the Tokyo Skytree. Along with us were the other exchange students from Nelson and Australia, and also our host students from Meikei. Seeing the view of Tokyo from the Skytree was absolutely amazing! However, we didn’t have the chance to spot Mt Fuji as it was hidden behind the clouds. After experiencing the Skytree we walked down to Sensoji Temple. Here we tried out Omikuji which is a fortune telling method. Jasmine and I received very good fortunes. Despite the humidity in Tokyo it was a good trip.

Jasmine and I got to go to Tokyo Disneyland. Lots of fun! They were celebrating their 35th Anniversary along with celebrating the last day of the Tanabata Festival. We had fun getting to know the other exchange students more and also going on the rides.

From staying with our homestay to meeting students of Meikei High School it was two weeks Jasmine and I shall never forget. The Meikei Exchange program was an experience of a lifetime. We both highly recommend future Edgewater students who are studying Japanese to sign up to this great opportunity which only comes once a year.

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