Romeo and Juliet: remixed

This year we decided to undertake a classic text in the form of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and remixed it by introducing a Modern Family to help narrate the story and answer those burning questions that arise while watching a traditional Shakespearean Performance.

It is a story about love, the choices we make and their impact on our future. The result was a balanced and earthy fusion of two very different worlds filled with comedy and a whole lot of energy, entertaining a diverse audience of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

We had two casts made of a group of 17 enthusiastic and committed cast members who put in many dedicated hours attending relentless rehearsals, sacrificing weekends and holidays. It was a wonderfully collaborative journey and a highly memorable experience for all involved and most importantly the joy and achievement it brought to the cast was monumental. It was an honour to work alongside this incredibly inspiring cast and crew, co creating something new and engaging while maintaining the essence of Shakespearean Theatre. 


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