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Living, growing and learning in an expeditiously evolving environment, we are constantly hunting for some of the most important things that cost nothing, take nothing but could possibly change everything. Moments of peace, happiness, silence, empowerment, tranquillity, beauty. These were just some of the many moments we, as a class, had the privilege of experiencing whilst hiking in the Waitakere Ranges. Along this effortful yet exquisite journey we were able to naturally build trusting friendships with each other, break our own boundaries and witness and appreciate the perks nature has to offer right here in Aotearoa. The steep climbs, slippery slopes and descending ditches will forever remain a significant memory, not for what they were but for how they influenced one of the most important factors of life itself. Well-Being. I cannot express enough how my perception of life has changed since this trip, my physical well-being was challenged majorly and at times I did just want to give up, but I thought about how much my body would adapt and grow stronger so I strategically managed to balance out a strong mind and strong body to finish the hike. There was nothing but genuine care, trust, support, encouragement, smiles and laughter that went on throughout this hike, that made our class bond so much and I am so grateful to have experienced this with such an amazing group of people. Each of us learnt to consider and accept the different levels of skill and comfort amongst us which made it a fun experience for everyone. I think it’s safe to say that this experience was a huge accomplishment for all of us, whether it was internal or external and we have all gained so much from it. Our views towards life, nature and new experiences will stay positive and we’ll be looking forward to see what the next one throws at us! So, if you’re looking to achieve your goals, challenge yourself, go on new and exciting adventures as well chilled vibes, join the fun and excitement in your 2018 Outdoor Education class and let your journey begin!

By Jonelle Rangikotua, Year 13

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