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Vision 20/20

A dynamic and exciting school that serves its students and community exceptionally well.

"Without a vision of what you want to be, be it as an individual or as a school you will end up floundering.  

There are so many things, good and bad, competing for our attention, time and energy these days, each one with its own agenda of what we ‘should’ be.  

So this is why you need a personal vision of where you want to go and who you want to be and organizational entities must also know what they are about. A vision is something that everyone can rally around and work towards.  Something to own and belong to. 

We have a Vision here at Edgewater and it is called Vision 2020.  It is aspirational and inspirational.  It is who we are and who we want to be. 

And It says this; “Edgewater College is a dynamic and exciting school that serves its students and community exceptionally well” 

I love the word dynamic in there because it has the sense of fluidity and movement.  Something in a dynamic state cannot be static.  There must be change – and that is what we as a school need be and you as students will have to develop to be able to flourish in this world in the years to come." 

[Extract from 2016 Prize Giving Speech - Russell Grainger Chair Board of Trustees.]  

2016 Senior Options Booklet

Download here the overview of options available in 2016.
2016 Senior Option Booklet

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Mr Allan Vester

Welcome to our school. I am proud of Edgewater College and of the quality of the opportunities we offer.

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