What you should know before coming to New Zealand

We are pleased that you are thinking about studying in New Zealand and wish you luck with your application.  Before your application is processed, ask someone to help you to understand the information on this page. It should help you to decide if the New Zealand education system is suitable for you and your chosen career path.
What are the criteria for enrolment?

International Students enrolling at Edgewater College must: 

  1. Have an English speaking parental representative/counsellor/agent who has been designated by, and to act on behalf of the student's parents in New Zealand. This parental representative must be easily accessible at any time to help the student or school should the need arise. It is expected that this person will meet or be in contact with the Director of International Students at least once a term
  2. Have suitable supervised accommodation guaranteed for the entire school year enrolled
  3. Prove that they have adequate medical and personal loss insurance throughout their stay in New Zealand 
  4. Inform Edgewater College of any sickness, behavioural, disability or special education needs before enrolment 
  5. Have basic competency of the English Language (Equivalent to IELTS 4.5)
  6. Include the latest school reports and examination results, with verified English translation Edgewater College may also request a comprehensive reference from a past school Principal or Head Teacher with each application
  7. Have their parent’s consent to study at Edgewater College
  8. Meet the conditions of New Zealand Immigration Service Student Visa requirements for application upon arrival and for the duration of study
  9. Accept the direction of the professional staff of Edgewater College in subject and level placement 

Can I drive /own a car in New Zealand?
Edgewater College does not allow International Students to own or drive a car whilst enrolled to study here, regardless of their age.  New Zealand Government statistics show that up to 90% of young drivers are involved in road accidents in the first year of driving a motor vehicle.

Work Rights
Under the terms of their Student Visas, International Students enrolled at Secondary Schools may only obtain part-time jobs under the following conditions:     
  • If they are in Year 12 or 13
  • If they have written permission from the school, their parents and their host parents
  • If they have obtained work rights on their visa conditions from New Zealand Immigration
If the above conditions have been met, they may work up to 20 hours a week during school terms, and full time during holidays. However, Edgewater College recommends that they do not work more than 10 hours a week during school terms.  The School reserves the right to withdraw the permission to work with Immigration New Zealand if the student’s attendance or academic performance is negatively impacted by their working.  If the Student is found to be working without the legal right to do so, NZ Immigration will be informed and the Student’s Visa may be revoked.  The Student will also be the subject of disciplinary action by the school.

What are the conditions of study at Edgewater College?
You must prove that you are a "serious student" by keeping to the following Edgewater College requirements:
  1. You must attend at least 95% of the course enrolled in. You must attend all lessons and be on time. You must be ready to apply yourself fully to all schoolwork.
  2. If you have been guaranteed accommodation by Edgewater College you must stay in an approved homestay under the college's homestay programme for the length of your Student Visa. All students attending colleges/high schools in New Zealand are not permitted to be in a flatting situation, regardless of their age. They must have adult supervision at all times.
  3. If you return to your home country during the set school holidays, you may not take extra time away from school unless authorised by the School Principal. (The 95% attendance rule applies here also).
  4. You must not return to your home country before the end of the school year, having completed all course work and taken the appropriate examinations.
  5. Your Student Visa will be issued for Edgewater College. You may not transfer to another school until that Student Visa expires or you apply to have a variation to your visa.
  6. The adult designated as your parent's representative in New Zealand must keep that role until the expiry date of your Student Visa.
  7. Your parents must sign the Parent Contract which proves that they understand and accept the conditions of enrolment at Edgewater College.
  8. Edgewater College must be informed immediately of any changes of details i.e. student's or parent's change of address, telephone numbers etc.

What happens when I arrive at Auckland Airport?
Edgewater College will arrange for someone to meet you at the airport. It could be your homestay family, your agent, a family friend or an Edgewater College staff member. They will be waiting for you in the public arrival lounge. The person/s meeting you will be holding a card with your name printed on it in English. 

You will be taken to your host family’s house, where you will be welcomed as one of the family. They will help you to learn about New Zealand and show you around their neighbourhood.

What will happen when I start school?
On arrival at Edgewater College you will undergo an orientation course. This course has been designed to assist you to integrate successfully into the New Zealand High School system. It will include:
  • Understanding how to fit into and benefit from the New Zealand secondary school system and living conditions
  • Understanding the New Zealand culture and expectations
  • Familiarity of the college’s facilities, courses available, culture and environment
  • Familiarity of the community around us
  • Study skills
  • Planning an academic programme appropriate for your chosen career path
  • English language skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • English language assessments
  • Subject and level assessments (if required)
Depending on the results of your language and subject assessments and the timing of your arrival at Edgewater College, you will be placed into:
  • A Senior or Junior Course
  •  A full timetable, which will include at least one ESOL/English class

  • (Subject options are available on www.edgewater.school.nz)

Do I have to wear school uniform?
Yes. School uniform is required for all students from Year 9 to Year 13.

What do I do if things go wrong?
Edgewater College will give you special help and support while you are studying there. They will make sure you are treated fairly and that you get the support you need to study properly. We want you to be happy. Remember – It’s OK to ask for help.
If you are unhappy during school hours, see Mrs Hare. If you have a real emergency after school hours, ring Mrs Hare on +64 21 615 572, this number is 24hrs 7 days oper week. If for some reason you cannot reach Mrs Hare, please ring Auckland Lifeline (09) 522 2999. If you have a medical emergency call 111.

Homestay Concerns
If you have a homestay problem, you should contact the Homestay Co-ordinator as quickly as possible. She will discuss the issue with you and if not resolved immediately, will arrange a meeting with your homestay family and yourself. If you are still not happy, it may be necessary for the school to change your homestay family.

If you are not satisfied with the decisions made by Edgewater College, you may write to the International Education Appeal Authority [IEAA] to have your case considered by them. Edgewater College will communicate with your parents at all times and will help you to access the IEAA. An advocate who can speak your language will be made available to support you.

Academic and School Concerns
If you have a problem at school, you should first contact your Teacher or the Director of International Students. If they cannot resolve the concern, meetings will be made with yourself and the Principal, Dean and/or Course  Supervisor.

If you are not happy with the decision made by them in consultation with you and your parents, you have the right to take your concerns to the IEAA. Edgewater College will help you with this process.

Edgewater College has signed the Ministry of Education's Code of Practice agreement. This guarantees you a fair and just internal grievance process. If the college is unable to resolve any problem, you will be directed to the IEAA [mentioned above]. This is an independent government funded advocacy agency. They will help to resolve any issues on your behalf. For further information: www.nzqa.govt.nz.

Fees Refund Conditions for International Students
Please refer to our Refunds Policy contained in the Application Pack.

Homestay Fees (Based on all homestay fees paid)
If you move out of your homestay before the end of your contract, the portion of your homestay fees not already used will be returned to you unless the college has guaranteed your accommodation.

To have your homestay fees returned, you must write to the Board of Trustees giving two weeks’ notice, or pay two weeks fees in lieu of notice.

If the college has guaranteed your accommodation, payments to your new homestay family or designated caregiver will be paid through the college's homestay programme. The Homestay Placement fee of $500 cannot be refunded.

Approved refunds will also have any money owing to the homestay family deducted, ie. telephone accounts etc. 

Are the fees I pay protected?
In the unlikely event that Edgewater College was unable to continue to deliver the education that they contracted to provide, the Board of Trustees have set up a BNZ Bank Bonds system to protect any school fees paid.

Ministry of Education's Code of Practice Agreement
Edgewater College has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from Edgewater College or from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website at http://www.nzqa.govt.nz.

Medical and Travel Insurance
The Ministry of Education have made it compulsory for all International Students in New Zealand to have an A or above rating medical and personal loss insurance for their entire length of study. Edgewater College can help to arrange for insurance, if required. Proof of insurance cover must be received before the enrolment can be finalised.

Full details of your Student Visa requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service, and can be viewed on their website at http://www.immigration.govt.nz

You will find more information about Edgewater College at www.edgewater.school.nz

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